Digging through February

For the February edition of our monthly programme overviews, we have invited our friend and Ankali regular Claudia Franco to introduce herself through her taste in music. If you don’t have time to check all the artists and projects which are performing in Ankali this month, then leave it all up to her now – she’ll intrigue you for starters at least. And also, say hi if you ever meet her on our dancefloor.

Photo by Isabell Alexandra M.

1–2–2019 #no_borders with Jennifer Cardini, Hoff, Møreti

February is coming strong. Cologne’s boss Jennifer Cardini will open the month with one of her usual genre-bending sets, ranging from Disco, House and Synth-Pop to New Wave and Electro beats. This set for Deep House Amsterdam got me from the minute 1:  

But Cardini’s work goes beyond mixing. She runs the labels Dischi Autumno and Correspondant. The latter includes collaborations with Red Axes, Maceo Plex, Borusiade, Man Power, and way more. This Vox Low release is one of their best:

Wrapping up the night we will have another Cologne representative: upbringing talent Hoff. In love with this set of his, opening for Phuong Dan at Gewölbe Bar.

8–2–2019 #soft_spot with The Black Madonna, Mutuju, Fatty M & Schwa

Superstar DJ, activist and queer icon Marea Stamper’s visit to Ankali has been highly expected. The multifaceted artist has pursued music as her passion throughout most of her life, which is a proof itself that chasing one’s dreams is not a walk in the park. Fun fact: she dropped out of high school and started her career selling handmade tapes at illegal raves. Effort and persistence finally made it and Stamper is nowadays one of the most acclaimed DJs in the international panorama. To understand her, I will go with her 2016 single ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’.

Interestingly, her understanding of music, as she shared with i-D, was reshaped by Kraftwerk’s Computer World at an early age: “A friend of mine had a dad who was in a punk rock band during a period when a lot of punk rock people were getting into Kraftwerk. She had borrowed my Walkman and left her copy of Computer World in it. I did not return it.” My pick from the album would be ‘It’s More Fun To Compute’. Pure Genius.

9–2–2019 Ankali x Rare with In Aeternam Vale, Exhausted Modern, Raphael Kosmos, whydie?

But Black Madonna was not the only one. Kraftwerk’s robotic sounds were way beyond their time and changed the concept of electronic music for the decades to come. Their influence in rare’s invitee for the month cannot be denied: Laurent Prot, better known as In Aeternam Vale. Prot’s production goes back to 1983, eminently minimal from the beginning. Aggressive and caustic, the punk attitude is translated into the electronic language in his first material. Nevertheless, he also explores a more sensitive and melancholic side with tracks like this one from 1990:

Speaking about In Aeternam Vale is speaking about the French electro/wave movement, which cannot be mentioned without Le Syndicat Electronique, with whom Prot occasionally collaborated. His production is simply emblematic.

15–2–2019 #no_borders with Barnt, Eva Porating, Mike.H & Not_me

Barnt long-standing passion for music has granted him the ability to navigate through sound without falling into the trap of the typical. His peculiar production is full of eerie melodies, like the one that spirals down into bleeping craziness in this song:

16–2–2019 Deviant with Zozo, St. Jakob, Sinnan

Especially excited about this one. Istanbul star Zozo’s hypnotizing sets are a downbeat eclectic experience that will drive the crowd from funky to soul to cosmic sounds, never leaving behind her oriental roots. It’s hard to choose, but I’d go with her set at last year’s Dekmantel Selectors festival:

It would be a crime not to mention the label Zozo collaborates with, Macadam Mambo. Sacha Mambo’s project never disappoints with its eccentric releases. A must. Hard to choose, but one of my favorites is Zmatsutsi’s Endless Pavement:

22–2–2019 Herrensauna with Mumdance & CEM, Datasmok, MCMLXXXV

Berlin’s infamous queer party Herrensauna is back at Ankali. MCMLXXXV’s first time in Prague will follow another of his debuts: his set with Boiler Room. It can serve as an appetizer for the last Friday of the month. You’re gonna sweat.

Herrensauna goes beyond simple partying with their concept, reason why they’ve been under the spotlight for some time now. If you’re interested in getting to know them better, you should check this interview with their resident DJs CEM and Nicolas.

More of an Incentive: Meet the Residents of Herrensauna


Artwork collaboration w/
Julie Hrnčířová & Jan Khür