Digging through March

The time has finally come to give the word to one of the people who are at the helm of creating monthly programme in our club. And looking at the March’s line-ups, it has been immediately clear who’s that going to be. As the co-founder of Ankali and a resident DJ, Sanjin Nesimi’s ears have undergone quite a reconfiguration sonically, one might say, and it has been also partially reflected in the club’s bookings. Sanjin has shifted from strictly dark techno aesthetics (with Polygon nights he co-organised) towards a wider range of genres and styles: you can now easily spot him dancing to disco, or quietly leaning against the wall with a face full of satisfaction during one of the Dietl Archive events. It’s not going to be a surprise, if he won’t miss a night this month.

Photo by Marie Podzemská

1–3–2019 ミ g r e y . s k i e s x Mannequin Records with Alessandro Adriani, Kris Baha, Endless Illusion, whydie?

Adriani’s dj set from last year’s Digital Tsunami Camp made me seriously consider that I have to visit this forest gathering in Lithuania in August:

Kris Baha. Already a regular at infamous Berlin institutions CockTail D’Amore and Sameheads. Really curious about his live set since I pay a lot of respect to everything this guy does. Be it the collaboration with Dreems as Die Orangen or some of his remix duties for Die Wilde Jagd, Eva Geist or Red Axes just to name a few. On Friday, we will finally be able to witness his performance-based live at Ankali. Real drums. Real moves. 

Latex rock n’ roll for new age:

And one more from Die Orangen in remix by Tapan. What a match:

2–3–2019 #heyday with Hunee, St.Jakob, PSJ

Only few can induce instant happiness and Hunee is definitely one of them. I remember seeing him once at Berghain’s garden with his shirt off dancing like crazy while blending a track into track in such a distinctive way. I recall looking towards bunch of my friends trying to see if we were on the same page in that particular moment — already seduced by his opening selection. And that’s when I realised that Hunee’s craft is far beyond disco — envoy from a place of love. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. 

Here are three tracks i’ve picked from his mixtape:

Kiddo Hunee:

13–3–2019 + 15–3–2019

It’s a secret:

22–3–2019 #no_borders with Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe all night long

Hard to choose one or two from Vladimir. Numerous outstanding mixes, bunch of breathtaking releases on his Offen Music, good number of radio shows with his specific archeological approach. 

Maybe, lets start with this quite new and complex insight into one man’s world: 

The art of DJing: Vladimir Ivkovic

And now the two-hour journey down the 80’s yugoslavian rabbit hole:

This one is especially close to me since I always imagine my yugoslavian-born parents dancing in some weird flashy diskoteka to some of this music right before having me 🙂

Great stuff from one country’s last decade. The country that doesn’t exist anymore. 

Can’t wait to see him play with his friend and France’s most wanted selector Ivan Smagghe. In love with his imprint Les Disques De La Mort. 

Best label description ever:

New kids on the rave:

23–3–2019 Worse #3 with Blush Response, Viscerale, HYΛEN, Jim Hate, Trauma

Next hard dance adventure from Worse crew into the depths of Industrial slash EBM slash Techno:

27–3–2019 #shoes_off with The Abyss Within Us, Black Acid, Dash

Another sleepy rendez-vous. This time with Claudio and Stefano aka The Abyss Within Us. Analogue drums and synthesizers, guitar and fx’s, moving images:

29–3–2019 #volumi_dinamici with Blazej Malinowski, Claudio PRC, nrmn

Our Italian family is coming to teach us how it’s done again.  Really looking forward to finally see Blazej’s live and to hug Claudio again:

My old-time favorite:

30–3–2019 San Trancisco with Luigi Di Venere, Ron Trenc, Transwagon

Coctail d’Amore party has already been on my ‘must go’ list for a while. 

We bring its cornerstone to Ankali:


And after this intense month we all get rid of our sweaty clothes here:

31–3–2019 Sale: Spring Cleaning

Artwork collaboration with Jonatan Kuna.