Digging through April

Oliver Torr is a member of the XYZ Project, gear geek, Synth Library worker, all-kinds-of-music producer, Radio 1 host and regular disc jockey at every decent club and party in Prague. His involvement and affiliation with every nook and cranny of Prague’s music scene makes him one of the most outstanding figures nowadays. One of the reasons for this, apart from Oliver being a highly-talented musician and also a super-friendly person, is that he loves to collaborate, offer help and do it for the fun. And we are really pleased he didn’t say no when we asked him to compile this month’s programme breakdown.

Photo by Kateřina Kabelková

5–4–2019 9000 Dreams: Avalon Emerson, Kiernan Laveaux, Møreti

As Avalon returns to the booth, it’s exciting to dig up some older tracks of hers, this is probably the first release I’ve heard from Avalon, and on it there is a great so called ‘Arpapella’, or the isolated arpeggiator of ‘Honest Gangster’. It’s a great tool, mix it in with your heavy percussion, or just use it as a mood…

Havent heard of Kiernan yet, but she seems to be making some really interesting waves, and is also the driving force behind Oaklands queer event series ‘In Training’. This mix caught my ear, since she is going to a more non-linear/slightly experimental beat direction, which is quite close to my heart…

Møreti will once again slay the dancefloor, no need for words here.

6–4–2019 Ankali x Endless Illusion: DJ Normal 4, Endless Illusion, PSJ

Seasoned veterans of the Czech electronic music scene, Endless Illusion are at it once again, with another awesome booking… If you still don’t know these guys check out their releases and overall activities (their magazine for example)

I discovered DJ Normal 4 at the end of 2016 through his remix of Alphonse, which I rinsed the sh** out of for some time.

I’ve been following his work ever since and I was most intrigued by his release on Klasse Wrecks, which is moving away from so called ‘leftfield house’, into more electro and perhaps even EBM infused territories.

Love the lead line on this one:

12–4–2019 #yuggadus: Blind Observatory, Alfred Czital, Yan

I was actually shown Blind Observatory by Alfred Czital when we used to live together, and I’m hooked ever since. This guy’s biography mentions all the words that make me happy, ‘influenced by science fiction with a certain nostalgia for the future’. When you listen to his music it is apparent that he actually has a visual concept to making it, presenting soundtracks to visions of futuristic landscapes…

This is one of my fave tracks, dating back to 2013, played at 33 rpm instead of 45. Loving this trippy tempo:

For more up to date work, Blind Observatory has appeared on a really cool Various Artists record on the first release of new-ish Taiwanese label Smoke Machine, along with the genius of Dorisburg and Agonis.

Blind Observatory / Dorisburg / Agonis ‎– SMKMCHN#01

And with Harmony guys on the rest of the line-up, there is no reason not to go…


13–4–2019 Ankali x Jasna 1: Kovvalsky, Pitti Schmitti, Mutuju

Haven’t heard of these guys yet, but Jasna 1 is becoming a staple in Poland’s dance music culture for sure. Have a listen to their nice mix recorded at their club:

Local support from our own Mutuju, yay, I enjoy this mix of his:

19–4–2019 #no_borders: John Talabot, Eva Porating, Fatty M

This is another big one, hard to say when I heard John Talabot for the first time… I remember blasting his album ‘fin’ in the car on a 12 hour journey from England 3 years ago, not being sure if I like how clean and a little bit pop it sounds, but after all, I still have good memory associations when I listen to it. Being the head honcho of Hivern Discs, this man has exquisite taste in music, and his set shouldn’t be missed by avid dancers and by music aficionados alike.

I think my favourite are his collaborations with Axel Boman, aka Talaboman…check it:

Very strong local support of course, playboy of the Czech scene Fatty M, and the marvellous genre fusing Eva Porating <3. Both appeared on Prague’s first Boiler Room, with Fatty opening with his own newly produced tune, which will hopefully come out on his soon-to-be established music/fashion label.

20– 4–2019 ONYX: Shlømo, Fractions, Trevor Linde, arnii, Generali Minerali

You might remember Shlømo from the Cukr off location party at the old Menza. Shlømo’s set there was really great, and I am sure he will be bringing his A-game again to Ankali.

His sets are usually very heavy hitting, and his releases have been also, but I really most enjoy his latest album entitled Mercurial Skin. Retaining some of his danceable edge, but also providing a plethora of very intricate ambient cuts. This album is his best work up to date in my opinion:

Also with awesome support, including Prague’s up and coming promoter and DJ Arnii, who runs the ONYX collective, and Trevor Linde, who has recently been making moves with his live ambient alias ‘Favour and Protection’. Check out his live recording from Dietl Archive:

26–4–2019 #archiv_teknologi: Shifted, fleika, Fugal

I really like Shifted’s work, it’s so trippy and very musically interesting, while retaining a sense of minimalism. Not many people know that he has a few aliases also, one of them being ‘Covered in Sand’. This is one of my favourite cuts from him:

The support acts are as strong as ever, with Seattle born-now living in Berlin artist Fugal, and our fave technohead Fleika taking over the booth before and after Shifted. Fleika has released recently on our cassette compilation:

I know that these two are quite good mates, and I have a feeling that a closer b2b set is going to happen in the morning hours.

27–4–2019 #uprising: Mozhgan, Sinnan, Still Sparkling

Iranian born, San Francisco based Mozhgan combines many different genres on the dancefloor, her sets ranging from electro, house, acid, peppered with EBM. I particularly enjoyed her set at Nachtdigital:

Local support from tripmaster Sinnan, and debut DJ set from Ankali’s behind-the-scenes shadow Still Sparkling.

30–4–2019 Walpurgis Wrong Night: Homoagent, Azar Swan, Wrong Corps

Prague based Wrong Corps have been making strong waves with their various activities, which include running concert nights, parties and a label. They have decided to celebrate Walpurgis night, as you would expect from the gothic underpinning of Wrong.

source: Wikipedia

Homoagent will be playing, whom I have discovered through the label Instruments of Discipline, where he released his EP entitled ‘Rogue Undercover’. The album is heavy, as you would expect from a Wrong booking, and from the fan review on bandcamp ‘This is music for the hardcore porn of your nightmares.’

The record also features a variety of subtle synth work, as well as insanely overdriven kick drums. This is probably my favourite tune off the record:

Brooklyn based Azar Swan are more of my taste, with emotional electronics and full of vocal processing. Check out this mini-EP:

You might also know them from their previous, now dissolved band Religious to Damn.

Wrong Corps honchos supporting of course, these guys have really found a niche in Prague’s music landscape. Two tape releases under their belt, make sure to follow them:

Artwork collaboration with Teres Bartůňková.