Digging through June

Balance is hardly achievable. But we would never get a glimpse of it if we don’t try. Harmony crew is one of those groups of people who seem to have found their special formula with consistency and clear vision. They have 3 releases under their belt and keep inviting their favourite artists from all over the world to play in Prague. Their latest event with Hypnus label was one of those occasional glimpses of warehouse mastery where Harmony’s name somehow became close to reality. Zdeněk Vejvoda aka Raleigh is one of the essential harmonists who maintains crew’s ambition and drive, and never stops to dig through the endless piles of electronic music. Here is his Digging through June.

Photo by Nico Prokop.


01–06–2019 #yuggadus meets Oslated: Unjin, Oslon, Alfred Czital, Yan

The very first day of June begins with the showcase of Oslated label, which is also first on my personal list.  Mad props to my guys Yan and Fred for doing this within their Yugaddus night.

It is some time ago since I started to dig in the scene of Asian electronics and lately quite a lot in the Korean as well. There is a geographically determined influence to be found in the composing methods. To develop this thought, I’m talking especially about the hypnotizing pitch modulation, which is a common habit in that region. Whereas the tracks from Japanese workshops tend to be brain-squeezing on certain level, the Korean sound has more of an impress being infused by the contemporary European deep techno scene.

Done with analytics, I have a perfect example for what I mean – a track which I fell in love with immediately.

The moment when I discovered the whole Oslated thing was when I came across Oslon’s brilliant ambient mix for Phonons, I can really recommend it. These days I hardly play a set without including tracks from his label. You can get its smooth overview crafted by Oslon himself for the Monument crew.

My personal favourite from Oslated family is Romi, hopefully he accompanies the crew the next time.

07–06–2019 #archiv_teknologi: NTHNG, fleika, Higgins

With the next week we have NTHNG coming up. An artist who was hard to avoid in the past years. Power of his productions lies on combining silky soft pads and wall-knocking kicks.

He shouldn’t be worried about his company. I can see brothers from another mothers fleika and Higgins on the poster – that’s not less of a temptation than the headliner himself!

The best Ankali podcast so far, speaking for myself:

08–06–2019 Deviant with Phuong Dan, Raphael Kosmos, Sinnan

Deviant is a new club event of Sinnan, St. Jakob and Claudia. I like the concept, it brings some extra vibration to the audience around them. Nowadays they don’t need to worry to jump straight into the swamp and deliver something more… strange? World music, electro, wide tempo range, Deviant doesn’t seem to have strict borders. Their next guest has a history in Salon des Amateurs, obviously a skillful vinyl DJ, check out this stream from Dekmantel Festival:

14–06–2019 #no_borders: Or:la, dMIT.RY & Sta, NCOL

No Borders is hosting Or:la as a first female artist of the month. I’ve heard a part of her set from Boiler Room which appears to be one of the most popular BR’s episodes at the moment. Housey stuff from the UK, very vivid and colourful.

15–06–2019 San Trancisco w/ SONS, Transwagon, Trance Kafka

I’m proud of Losko and his new project San Trancisco. Big ups for the poster creator, visually the party creates a steezy impress, I guess this one is going to be fun. About S.O.N.S – I didn’t know it before writing this article to be honest. From ambient to psytrance, via house and acid, enhanced by fairytale melodies. There you go with a podcast:

What I knew before writing this article was the hasty train driven by Losko aka Trance Kafka. Choo choo:

21–06–2019 #volumi_dinamici: Claudio PRC & DJ Nobu all night long

Now, prepare for an air strike. Claudio PRC invites DJ Nobu for his own club night Volumi Dinamici. Don’t know about who should I start to talk first, both of the men are true icons to me. Almost every single piece from Claudio’s discography is a gem. In his early career the deep techno we know now was in its birth and was taking a lot of elements from minimal, which was on back then. 2-4 claps, polyrhythmic loops spinning your head 20 times around – always gets me. To let you into my narration, here you go with this one from Prologue from 2010. I hope I didn’t overplayed it, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

From the album, which holds the same name as the party series, I would like to present this one from 2017.

Nobu-san is a real pioneer of DJing and has been spinning vinyl in Japan sooner than I had learned to say my first words. He also released numerous EPs, anyways I’d rather mention this mix, recorded for Taiwan’s Smoke Machine. I’m sure it was not just once me listening to it. And it won’t be yours too, trust me.

In case you will be searching for me during that night, better watch around the ceiling…

28–06–2019 Ankali x Red Light Radio: Orpheu The Wizard, Mutuju, PSJ

This one looks juicy. The headmaster of Red Light Radio in Amsterdam is going to play his records in Ankali. Tune in the station when you are in the mood for making a detour from your subscription. Now as I’m playing Orpheu’s set, I hear saxophones, harps, drums, lots of other eastern instruments, he is a true selecta. Summed up with Mutuju and PSJ – be there or be square.

30–06–2019 Sale: Summer Cleaning

The month ends with a second-hand pop-up market. Sell your old coats and buy new ones. Or at least one of that. Hustle on.

June 2019 Artwork collaboration with We Give You Good (cooperation with MAKKALI & Stop Drinking Bottled Water)