Digging through May

Matthew Colodny (Matty) comes from the US, but they have been living and studying in Prague for two years. Matty arrived at a time when our club’s doorpaint was still fresh, and they have been coming here regularly ever since. They even displayed their semestral work in our cloakroom, as a part of the FAMU student exhibition in January. Matty is an upstanding raver: comes early and leaves very late, has a hell of a set of dance moves, and never ceases to impress with their encyclopedic knowledge of (not only) music. They will be moving back home very soon, and it felt right to ask them to write a few words about our 2nd year coming full circle

2–5–2019 #shoes_off: Jonny Nash, St. Jakob, Eva Porating

We’re starting things off with something sweet this month. The shoes off series has been a treat since its first iteration. This time Ankali has invited Johnny Nash, head of Melody As Truth recordings, and one third of Gaussian Curve.

Johnny Nash delivers sweet sounds to float away to. Something to remind you that music is just wiggly air. How many after parties can you remember? How much struggling was there to set the mood just right? It’s easier if you stop struggling and just reach for this track.

3–5–2019 #heyday: Jonny Nash, Suzanne Kraft, Disco Møreti

First we lay you down, then we’re jumping back up in a big way. Jonny Nash will be playing again giving us a two for one. Watch out for Suzanne Kraft though. The mix he did for Cocktail d’Amore in 2017 is pure and simple fun. It’s the kind of fun that’s hard to talk about. The kind of fun that doesn’t demand anything from you. That just hopes you’re feeling a little better after it ends than you were before. We need more fun like this.

4–5–2019 Polygon Emergency Crew 6

I’m not sure how much I can say about P.E.C that hasn’t been said before. If you know what’s up, you’ll be there. If you don’t know what’s up, come, and you’ll know what’s up.

10–5–2019ミ g r e y . s k i e s: The Hacker, Exhausted Modern, whydie?

If you like heavy hitting and all encompassing EBM then this month’s grey.skies has you covered. The Hacker has always been a scene influence in some form or another, and his influence is stronger than ever. If you like moody synths and irrepressible beats, this is your guy and this is your night.

11–5–2019 Disco Církev: David Vunk, Raphael Kosmos, DJ Discobollos, DJ Sen

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of David Vunk or Moustache records before now. But I’m glad that mistake has been remedied. This isn’t going to be one to miss. If you like drama, and you like to bounce this will get you there. This is one for those who take their light hearted fun very seriously.

17–5–2019 #soft_spot: Young Marco, DJ Rafo, Mutuju

First Johnny Nash, now Young Marco, this month 2⁄3 of Gaussian Curve will have performed at Ankali. It’s hard to say what we should be expecting from Young Marco. He’s known for his eclectic mixing, and it’s safe to say that we can expect the unexpected. But if his mix for the Dekmantel Podcast is any indication, whatever he serves up this month will have a healthy serving of that special spice.

18–5–2019 DICK*7: nd_baumecker, Cormac, Yan

Dick, I love Dick. I’ve always had a good time at Dick. Everyone I’ve talked to has had a good time at Dick. Maybe your partner loves dick enough to stroll up to Berghain with a copy of “I love dick” in their bag only to have the security folks stare incredulously. Speaking of Berghain and Ostgut Ton, this time nd_Baumecker is coming down to Schlang and to Bang us through the evening.

24/25–5–2019 Ankali 2nd Anniversary Weekender: Claudio PRC, DVS1, Hubble, Interstellar Funk, Solar, Steffen Bennemann & more

It feels like the last all weekend anniversary was just yesterday. It’s bizarre to think that my time here has aligned so closely with Ankali. Also, incidentally, it’s my birthday weekend as well, so come wish yr birthday binch a happy Birthday and celebrate 2 years of Anakli. There’s not going to be any time to be sentimental with this lineup though. Claudio PRC and all the other residents will be giving it their all. The gang’s all here, Eva Porating, fleika, Moreti, Mutuju, nrmn, Oliver Torr, Sinnan, St. Jakob, and PSJ. Everyone’s gonna be here for this one so you best be too! They’ve pulled out all the stops this time, and space is definitely the place, with Hubble broadcasting strange otherworldly frequencies, Solar wrapping us in warm cosmic energies, and Interstellar Funk steering us to the edge of space and back again. Two whole years at our outpost on the edge of Prague, on the edge of time and space, it feels like a dream.

Artwork collaboration with Jakub Plachý.