Digging trough summer: July

Summer is about taking things slow and we are spreading what’s usually a month’s worth of programme till the end of August. Digging through will be split into two parts, both contributed by a recent debutant in our club – Nicole Princlová – known as NCOL to those who listen to her regular shows Devotions on Radio Punctum and Mixtales on Radio 1 or to those, who go out to dance once in a while. NCOL had grown into a true selector and an observant DJ, and her ‘digging’ may serve you as a wise guide to upcoming hot summer nights. She has added a little something for your imagination to awaken – short quotes from 1936 play titled Milenci z kiosku written by Vítězslav Nezval.

05–07–2019 Ankali On Tour feat. ATG: Kate Miller, Nathan Micay and more

“mládí, živly a svoboda jsou nebezpečné mocnosti”

A joint venture of the Ankali and ATG crews and a major throwback to the old times when like-minded people came together once in a while to celebrate their shared love of music, friendship and total freedom. The parties always moved through various off-the-beat locations and warehouses and from dusk to dawn transformed the seemingly dead parts of the city into a whole new kind of universe. If you were at the opening of Altenburg, you know exactly what to expect. If you weren’t, this is your second chance to enter another dimension and travel through time and space with the ATG and Ankali fam. Don’t waste it.

And as if this can’t get more surreal ~ the Prague stop of Ankali on Tour is hosting two amazing guests whom I deeply respect: Kate Miller and Nathan Micay.

I have a real soft spot for Kate’s work and approach when it comes to all sounds bleepy, dubby and aquatic. She is a co-curator of the Oscillate label and parties at ://about blank and also a radio presenter you should keep an eye on. If you’re into all things drexciyan, deep and bewitching, you’re gonna love her latest podcast for the Australian series ear to ear.

I always enjoy playing Nathan Micay‘s songs in my sets, especially when I want to bring some heat to the dancefloor without losing the warm and spine-tingling undertow feeling. Check out his latest release on LuckyMe – this one song, in particular, is one real trance melter.

The outside stage at Bubny is going to be curated by the masterminds behind the Deviant party and podcast series. Expect some off-kilter slow burners, unorthodox beats and other-worldly melodies.

12–07–2019 #archiv_teknologi: FJAAK, fabian & em ju es aj si, nrmn

“žerty stranou, posaďte se do křesla”

FJAAK has always been my favourite techno boyband in the game. Recently they went through a kind of a boyband divorce and became a duo.

I guess I like their Instagram presence even more than their actual work. Anyway, this one is going to be pure madness. „If you don’t have weed on you, you can’t play Fjaak. Fjaak’s power and toughness are equal to the number of grams of weed smoked today. “ (@technothegathering)

Fjaak the system!

Here’s an interesting talk about them as a trio and the way they work together:

Their podcast for HATE is some nice piece to walk your dog to.

20–07–2019 Summer of Doom: by Ankali & the last Nachtdigital ever

“řetěz štěstí opište sedmkrát”

Honestly, Ankali growing so close with the Nachti team is unbelievably lovely. It makes perfect sense since they both share the same values when it comes to running their projects. I love their ability to be highly eclectic and nurse the feeling of continuity when it comes to programming. I never liked the idea of being eclectic for the sake of… well, being eclectic. It’s never been about random programming but about being able to find common ground and unexpected connections between seemingly different artists – be it a feeling, a mood, an attitude or selection. I’m really happy that Ankali will be part of the very last Nachtdigital and this open-air/indoor party in Prague will be something to remember. Also, a pro tip – since the festival is already sold out, this is your chance to catch a glimpse of the unique vibe and atmosphere! Diane Barbé is playing live and that’s something y’all need to experience. For real.


27–07–2019 Disco Církev: Local reverends

“zanechme hvězdy péči astronomů”

Shine your heavenly bodies and get loose in the wonderland of anything-goes attitude and all-day-long dancing.

Hands down a number one disco party in the city. Over the past year and a half, it showcased a number of top-notch DJs who are known for their broad AND deep knowledge of music. It’s all about the ability to step out of one’s natural DJing realms and dive deep into disco rarities and bubbling hot gems of the shiny disco past. Církev hosted loads of DJs from around the world but this edition is very special… IT’S LOCALS ONLY.

The more, the merrier! Ten – 10 – local reverends are going to flash their hidden and not-so-hidden disco sides at Ankali daytime AND nighttime! Expect some unexpected b2b combos, disco grandmasters and finest selectors in the local game! The newly opened garden stage is going to provide summer vibes – sun, hot dance moves and overall jolly friends. There’s gonna be food by the legendary Bistro Paralela and some special disco popsicles are coming your way too… with some secret shiny ingredient inside!


Summer artwork collaboration with Alexej Klyuykov.