Digging through summer: August

In the second chunk of this summer’s digging NCOL inspects our reduced but diverse programme again with her trademark humour and wit. She is a part of the August line-ups (for the third month in a row!) so if you haven’t had a chance to listen to her on point selection mixed with joy, her next gig is the time to do so.

09–08–2019 Last Lace: Queer Pride with Doc Sleep, Dan Snazelle, Oliver Torr, Testosterina

We’ve recently been discussing with my friends the topic of queer parties in Prague and how this particular scene is represented and we agreed that there are very few concepts which facilitate an actual taste. Meaning that they not only support the scene and create a safe space for the queer community members but also offer an on-point forward-thinking tasteful vision in programming. I’m glad that there is still enough energy to keep pushing and creating great parties. Last Lace is a newcomer on the Prague queer scene and it’s kicking off during the Prague Pride weekend with a killer line-up consisting of established locals and a guest whom I’ve been looking forward to hearing play for a long time, Doc Sleep.

Bay Area via Berlin, the resident of Room 4 Resistance and co-owner of Jacktone Records, Doc Sleep has been playing killer sets spanning from techno through electro to breaks and I think the FACT mag one from July 2019 is just about the right set to warm up with for her set in Ankali. Don’t forget to check out her last EP Crème Fraîche which came out in May. There’re also two killer remixes by Violet and Rroxymore included. I think this EP is 100% worth having on your DJ USB stick so here’s a Bandcamp link #buymusicclub ! I filed it as a ‘SECRET DANCEFLOOR WEAPON’. 

Also, there’s some cute doggo material on her IG and I think we all need this in our lives.


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not bad. not bad at all.

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16–08–2019 #archiv_teknologi: Boston 168, Fugal, Silhouette

An Archive Teknologi alumni and Turin based duo are coming back to Ankali to work their black-tar acidic magic which is gonna nail you to the dancefloor and eventually send you on a mission to the outer space.

Uncompromising techno was never really my cup of tea but hey, let’s go stare into the black hole together for a couple of hours and then walk home in sheer daylight with our sunglasses on. Also, check out this recording of their live set from Tapage Nocturne in Lyon, it’s full of mesmerizing soundscapes, also very much suitable for walking your doggies. Just in case you got tired of my last tip regarding the techno-sets-to-walk-your-dog-to matter.

Opening the night will be a genre chameleon Silhouette aka Vision of 1994 who’s recently released an amazing jungle-infused, very tasteful, slightly 90s nostalgia-driven EP on one of my favourite local labels Harmless Youth. I’ve been playing songs from this EP in nearly every set ever since it arrived into my mailbox.

But back to the Archive Teknologi realms! Silhouette released an excellent remix of Dorisburg’s Venom and guess what’s the name of the edit… mhmm, correct! Now hit da button!


23–08–2019 ONYX Nearby Rave

Nearby Rave was born last summer as a way to say thank you to all the local artists and promoters for their tireless efforts to make the underground scene a better place for the creators and ravers. Run by Arnii and ORKHAN of the ONYX collective, this rave is a product of love and respect. I couldn’t attend last year since I was out of the town but this year I made sure I can be present because this, my dear friends, is a FAMILY MATTER. 

If there is a party or project which has the potential to help to bring people together and help to unite the local scene, it is the NEARBY RAVE. 

This one is gonna be the kind of a weekend where we just don’t have to decide which event to attend because the majority of the DJs would be at the same place. Just having fun and enjoying the summer with friends and friends of friends, playing killer sets and spreading love.

I think Arnii scored a bull’s eye when he said that the strongest assets are our relationships. So, let’s hang and dance and nurture the togetherness which is exactly what the scene has been lacking for way too long.

Two days of non-stop music spreading over Floors of Ankali, it’s garden and then Wildt garden for morning hours until sunset only to move later to the insides of Wildt for some proper closing!

Over 30 DJs and all their friends – truly nearby rave 2k19 is a spiritual successor to the last year’s most memorable weekend – so stay in Prague and see y’all there! MUAH <3


30–08–2019 #heyday: Awesome Tapes From Africa, Eva Porating, Mutuju

„This is music you won’t easily find anywhere else—except, perhaps in its region of origin. “ says a tiny note at the bottom of a blog called Awesome Tapes From Africa which was founded ten years ago by Brian Shimkovitz and shortly after it turned into an incredible record label which is putting out reissues of the music from different regions of Africa.

Brian is originally an ethnomusicologist who began collecting cassette tapes full of African tunes after his trip to Ghana.I’ve always deeply admired people who are passionate about something very particular such as digging out old long-forgotten tapes (hence my obsession with Dark Entries or Music From Memory for example). I find such natural drive and obsession with something like African tapes simply fascinating! The blog showcases hundreds of amazing records spanning from world music to synth-pop. My favourite is the Professor Rhythm record, a proto house from the 90s South Africa which is a bit of a nod to my long-lasting fascination with 90s house.

Make sure you listen to Brian’s RA podcast which consists entirely of records from his archive.

And if you are a Spotify user (no judging here, I stream music too), here’s a selection of the cuts from ATFA official reissues.

DJ Katapila, “a longtime veteran of spinning funeral parties in Ghana, where mobile D.J. crews play to massive crowds of dancers, often for the entire weekend” was interviewed for the NY Times shortly after his recent reissue came out on ATFA. It’s a perfect breakfast read, highly recommended if you wanna explore a bit more about this scene.

Summer artwork collaboration with Alexej Klyuykov.