Digging through September

From now on, at the beggining of each month, we will invite someone close to our hearts, to give you a little personal overview of what’s going to happen in our club. This month we have asked Jonáš Verešpej, our nightmanager, to share few of his favorites and new discoveries.


1–9–2018  Kmitočet 0.2 with Kodek, Peter Edwards, HRTL, Oliver Torr, PSJ

Brain warming modular-synth extravaganza.
Night full of modular synthesis for your circuits to warm up for the new school year.

Superbooth 2017 – Erica Synths Demo – Kodek Live Performance

A little something for all you nerds out there, Peter Edwards, in a short 2008 documentary being a bit creepy about a button:

NEW YORK electriCITY: episode 1: Circuit Bending

7–9–2018 #soft_spot with Roman Flügel, Fatty M, PSJ

Personal favourite slash hopeful expectation:

Roman Flügel – Duck And Cover

7–9–2018 Ankali x Grey Skies with Black Merlin, Exhausted Modern, whydie?

Totally new to me, but this one sounds interesting:

Black Merlin – The Alpaca Pet Boys

21–9–2018 #no_borders with Call Super & Objekt all night long

Must read RA piece…:

The art of DJing: Objekt

…while listening to this, still fresh, essential mix:

Call Super BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

And then a little taste of the magical chemistry between them, in a terrible quality video:

Call Super & Objekt at Dekmantel Festival 2017

And one last thing – Call Super’s insta story:

All night long.

28–9–2018 #archiv_teknologi with Shxcxchcxsh, Sstrom, Karst

SHXCXCHCXSH – Drain This Lord

When reading the SHXCXCHCXSH’s name, remember that the H is silent.